Christian LAURENT - Artistic background

Born in Brussels in 1964 and attracted by the beautiful images since his tender childhood, Christian LAURENT combines his activities in the realization of wildlife paintings and artistic photographs while taking as common challenge to emphasize the Emotions towards the spectator… what a challenge ! 


About his PAINTINGS, it is in the workshop of Béatrice Vastrade (Braine Alleud - Belgium) from 2005 to 2010 that he starts to learn some painting techniques to acquire confidence.

Since, he continues to develop its work as an autodidact and concentrates from now on on all the forms of wildlife paintings, sometimes very figurative, sometimes rather graphic.
Its preferred technique is the acrylic painting because it enables him to seize and solidify quickly its movements while opening to him the door to many sets of matters and textures. 



About his PHOTOGRAPHS, he continues and develops its activities of wildlife photographer which enable him to impregnate more in-depth feelings from the "field" 

Whether for elephants in the African bush, or the horses in international Jumping competitions, he cultivates a very particular attraction for dynamic photography, with the attitudes and full emotions ! 


As well in painting as in photography, its achievements endeavours to transmit towards the spectator the emotion of a glance or a particular environment of which he would have been the privileged witness.



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