Christian LAURENT - Photographies d'Art & peintures



Christian LAURENT - Artistic background

Born in Brussels in 1964 and attracted by the beautiful images since his tender childhood, since more than 10 years, Christian LAURENT combines his activities in the realization of wildlife paintings and artistic photographs while taking as common challenge to emphasize the Emotions towards the spectator… what a challenge ! 


Discreet, this Belgian engineer uses his Reflex on every occasion during his travels to the four corners of the world.

Not only to photograph and capture the emotions of the animals he meets in his different journeys, but more and more so to share us the sumptuous landscapes in which these animals evolve.

His key word is "emotion ... as much by the emotions he experiences and captures on the ground as in the emotions he offers us during his many exhibitions.
With his latest collection "Colors of Wildlife", Christian is also evolving black & white photography to more colorful and artistic photos that once again highlight animals for we share another look, new emotions, unique and always authentic.

More and more present in national and international private collections, and exhibited both in Europe than in the United States; his photographic bestiary has the fundamental color of emotion and animal passion.


About his PAINTINGS, it is in the workshop of Béatrice Vastrade (Braine Alleud - Belgium) from 2005 to 2010 that he starts to learn some painting techniques to acquire confidence.

Since, he continues to develop its work as an autodidact and concentrates from now on on all the forms of wildlife paintings, sometimes very figurative, sometimes rather graphic.
Its preferred technique is the acrylic painting because it enables him to seize and solidify quickly its movements while opening to him the door to many sets of matters and textures. 




On his paintings, he chose this signature that combines an L (like Laurent) and a C (like Christian) in a contemporary form.

And because he also wants to give meaning to his work, he regularly participates in charity auctions by donating his works to the benefit of Associations that fight for the protection of biodiversity but also against social inequalities or diseases such as AMADE, Justworld International, Jane Goodall Foundation, Kevin Richardson Foundation, ....